The Guide to the Perfect Family

Martin Dubois, an insurance representative in his forties, has a seemingly perfect family with his wife and their children — at least, on Instagram. In reality, Martin feels more and more out of step with time and struggles to really communicate with his family. When he learns that his daughter Rose has cheated on her exams and is having suicidal thoughts, Martin begins to realize that his family does not quite correspond to the image they try to project on social media.

Director: Ricardo Trogi
Producer(s): Félize Frappier, Louis-Philippe Drolet
Cast: Louis Morissette, Émilie Bierre, Catherine Chabot, Xavier Lebel, Isabelle Guérard, Gilles Renaud, Alexandre Goyette, Jean-Carl Boucher, Louise Portal
Writer(s): Louis Morissette, Jean-François Léger, François Avar
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