The Glass Box - Cinematheque Waterloo

The Glass Box - Cinematheque Waterloo Movie Poster

***This is the inaugural screening for the Cinematheque Waterloo. Director Matt Finlin will be present at this screening and will hold a Q&A after the film. All seats for this screening are $8.00***

The Glass Box is a short fictional film based on the lives of two young women in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Claudia is a twenty-three year old North American who has reluctantly come to Asia with her boyfriend to teach English. Yin-May, also twenty-three, was born and raised in Taiwan by her father in a fishing community on the island of Chijin, then moves to the city to work in a Betel nut stand. These increasingly rare neon trimmed glass aquariums are controversial and unique to Taiwan.

The Glass Box is a genuine story comparing and contrasting two people from different cultures who form an unlikely bond during their search for direction under unusual circumstances, in a unique urban setting.

Director: Matt Finlin
Studio: Finkle Films
Producer(s): Chin Chi Hu, Matt Finlin
Cast: Ke Hsin Lin, Kelly Creighton, Joshua Burnaby, Sean Lin, Chin Chi Hu, Yu Chi Huang, Chia-Wen Hsu
Writer(s): Matt Finlin, Christopher Sinco, Eugene Wu

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