The Frozen Words

The Frozen Words Movie Poster

Charles (Pierre-Luc Brilliant), a young school teacher, is lonely and depressed. Always halfway between dream and reality, he awkwardly tries to establish contact with others and especially with his mother.

Between Paul, his best friend, and an imaginary friend with whom he maintains an ambiguous relationship, Charles tries to find a balance. To express his feelings, he writes them down on scraps of paper he then freeze in ice cube trays.

Through discussions with his imaginary friend and the support of his best friend, Charles manages to overcome his fears. Thinking himself safe, he stops taking his medication and tries to mend his distant relationship with his mother.

Director: Isabelle D'Amours
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Cast: Pierre-Luc Brillant, Marc Paquet, Jacques Godin
Writer(s): Isabelle D'Amours

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