The Fall of Sparta

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On DVD: September 11, 2018

Comedy, Drama

Steeve Simard, 16, is entering his final year of high school at Gaston-Miron High School in St-Lambert. An intellectual, he wishes he could be on the football team and have a girlfriend, but he’s small, nerdy and has no confidence. Instead, he spends his time in his room, reading.

Steeve has had a crush on Véronique since seventh grade, but she didn’t know he existed. An altercation with Giroux, a star football player who is Veronique’s ex-boyfriend, brings Steeve out of his books and into the world.

Director: Tristan Dubois
Studio: Filmoption International
Producer(s): Marc Biron, Sonia Despars
Cast: Lévi Doré, Jonathan St-Armand, Lili-Ann de Francesco, Karl Walcott, Simon Duchesne, Marianne Farley, Gabriel Sabourin, Devon O'Connor, Amélie Glenn, Jean-Marc Généreux, Gabriel Tremblay, Charles-Antoine Perreault, Éric K. Boulianne
Writer(s): Tristan Dubois, Biz

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