The Day God Walked Away

The Day God Walked Away Movie Poster

Rwanda, on the eve of the 1994 genocide. Jacqueline, a Tutsi nurse, works for a Belgian family. The family flees the country, but they can't take Jacqueline, so they persuade her to hide in the attic of their house. During the long days, during which the residence is ransacked and squatters move in, Jacqueline witnesses the ongoing massacre that echoes from outside.

As soon as calm returns, she leaves her hiding place and returns to her own house, where she finds her two children, murdered. Driven away by the new occupants, Jacqueline goes to the relative safety of the woods where she spots an injured man near a lake. She tends to his wounds, but unable to overcome her grief, Jacqueline has thoughts of suicide.

Director: Philippe Van Leeuw
Studio: Artémis Productions
Producer(s): Patrick Quinet, Toussaint Tiendrebeogo
Cast: Ruth Nirere, Afazali Dewaele, Lola Tuyaerts
Writer(s): Philippe Van Leeuw

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