The Case (Xiang zi)

The Case (Xiang zi) Movie Poster

Actress-turned-director Wang Fen takes the helm for this black comedy concerning a bed and breakfast owner who discovers a mysterious suitcase filled with frozen body parts. Henpecked He Dashang (Wu Gang) and his wife run a modest but comfortable riverside inn that has become particularly popular with the local tourists.

Upon awakening one morning to find a bulging suitcase floating down the river, Dashang is shocked to discover that it is filled with severed human limbs. Later, Dashang receives word from his brother-in-law the local police chief (Tang Wei) that strange events are currently unfolding in the nearby town.

After stashing the suitcase in the greenhouse, Dashang is surprised to discover a carsick man (Wang Hongwei) and his alluring wife (Wang Sifei) have arrived in search of a room. Now, if Dashang could only find out who those body parts belonged to the solution to the nearby town's problems may finally be in reach.

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