The Banquet (2008)

The Banquet (2008) Movie Poster

In today's society is it possible for everyone to find their place in the sun? In a city where our values are disappearing what can be passed on from father to daughter, from professor to students, from a student leader to his followers? Is school still the place to find a meeting of the minds, friendship, knowledge and hope?

Bertrand, a disillusioned professor who has yet managed to retain his passion, suddenly finds himself in the midst of his worst nightmare. The university's rector Jean-Marc has only one aim: to crush the student protests and to further develop his schools reputation. Louis- Ferdinand is the student leader torn between his heart and his head, his dreams and those of the student body. Natacha wants to reinvent herself, but is quickly caught up by a past she wants to forget; her only hope is to confront her father. Gilbert is a lost soul who attends classes without really knowing why; when he does discover his true calling it will be too late.

Director: Sébastien Rose
Producer(s): Pierre Even
Cast: Alexis Martin, Raymond Bouchard, Frédéric Pierre, Benoit McGinnis, Catherine De Léan, Pierre-Antoine Lasnier, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Julie McClemens
Writer(s): Sébastien Rose, Hubert-Yves Rose

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