The Apology

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1h 44m | Documentary, Other

This moving documentary follows three "comfort women" who were just a few of the 200,000 girls and young women kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during the second World War.

Grandma Cao in China, Grandma Gil in South Korea, and Grandma Adela in the Philippines, over 70 years after their imprisonment and despite their fading health, give a first-hand account of the horrifying truths behind their past in order to ensure that history is no longer lost.

Through the process of seeking a formal apology from the Japanese government or courageously divulging their secret to love ones, these "grandmas" are finally seizing their last opportunity for reconciliation, healing, and justice, not only for themselves, but for future generations, as well.

Director: Tiffany Hsiung
Studio: National Film Board of Canada
Producer(s): Anita Lee
Writer(s): Tiffany Hsiung

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