The 4th Life

The 4th Life Movie Poster

Mysterious, blonde Marie March takes a journey to the town of Darckeville to scam a priceless set of antiques from an eccentric collector, but also to get away from the clutches of her overbearing older husband. On the freight train to Darckeville, fevered sensual dreams and dark childhood memories crowd her troubled mind—portentous omens of an unresolved past hurrying to catch up with her.

Caz, a beautiful but psychopathic ex-lover from years ago has discovered her whereabouts—she is on a mission to fight "Betrayal" and defend those who have been hurt by "Love." She wants Marie all to herself, and if she can't have her, then no one can. Set against a backdrop of fading dreams, broken aspirations, and the crumbling ruins of a decaying town coloured with strange characters, their separate paths collide with explosive results.

Director: François Miron
Studio: Atopia
Producer(s): François Miron
Cast: Janet Lane, Andrea Sheldon, Vitali Makarov, Todd Fennell, Joseph Bellerose, Michael Rigby
Writer(s): James Galwey, François Miron
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