Teenage Angst

Teenage Angst Movie Poster

A group of boarding school students seeking to break free of the golden cage constructed by their parents and teachers find their once-innocent games taking on ominous overtones when the weakest member of the group becomes an unwilling target of the sadistic leader's wrath.

They were just looking for a fun way to pass the time - sneaking out of their rooms at night to drink and cause mischief - but somewhere along the line it all went wrong.

At first these four pupils were inseparable, but then, somewhat inexplicably, group leader Dyrbusch and his teenage henchman Bogatsch began to torment Leibnitz - the weakest member of the formerly tight-knit clique.

Despite the fact that Leibnitz's suffering was undeniable, the put upon student refuses to stand up for himself for fear of breaking up the group and explaining the situation to his parents. Realizing that Leibnitz will bend to their every demand, Dyrbusch and Bogatsch only become more vicious in their bullying.

The only member of the group who seems to recognize the potential for danger in the situation is Konstantin, but he too is hesitant to do anything that will break up the clique. But as the cycle of violence continues to escalate, it soon becomes obvious to all involved that they are now locked into a collision course with tragedy.

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