Surviving Hitler: A Love Story

Surviving Hitler: A Love Story Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: April 10, 2012

1h 6m | Documentary

The true story of Jutta, who, as a teenager in Nazi Germany, was shocked when she found out her mother was Jewish. Although Jutta's mother had converted to Christianity, the Nazis still considered both mother and daughter Jewish, despite Jutta's father being a Christian.

When Jutta joins the German resistance and meets Helmuth, a soldier, they fall in love. Helmuth soon realizes he wants no part of the army when he is forced to taking part in bombing towns full of Russian civilians. He gets out due to an injury and joins Jutta, who's already part of the resistance movement.

The Nazis find out Jutta's parents were harboring a fugitive and take them away. Jutta, who wasn't at home when the Nazis came, becomes a fugitive herself. She helps Helmuth as he joins the dangerous plot to assassinate Hitler.

Director: John Keith Wasson
Studio: Osiris Entertainment
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