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1h 29m | Comedy, Drama

A team of documentary filmmakers comes to make a film at the Brussels Academy of Dramatic Arts. The director, George Keller, has the filmmakers attend the class of his star teacher, Pierre Radowsky, who has devised a daring new acting method. However, Radowsky soon proves to be a quick-tempered, lecherous opportunist. While the cameras are rolling, he aggressively approaches a young recruit, Léonore, sexually. When the film clip is shown on the television news, it creates a scandal. To defuse the problem, Keller calls upon famous actor Léopold, a former student of Radowsky, to persuade the media that it was only theatre.

Director: Vincent Lannoo
Producer(s): Pierre Lekeux
Cast: Pierre Lekeux, Carlo Ferrante, Gaëtan Bévernaege
Writer(s): Vincent Lannoo

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