Stegman Is Dead

When porn king Stegman (Ross McMillan) goes missing, crime boss Don (Michael Ironside) tasks professional thief Gus (Michael Eklund) with getting into Stegman's house to retrieve incriminating tapes. However, Gus has several problems with this. 

First, the police are already inside the house. Second, his wife is against the idea. Meanwhile, assassin Evy (Bernice Liu) is out to kill Stegman. Unfortunately, someone else has beaten her to it. 

When Gus and Evy get into and then out of Stegman's house, only then do they discover the true nature of his secret, and with it, the awful realization that now... they have to break back in.
Director: David Hyde
Studio: Media Asia
Producer(s): David Hyde
Cast: Michael Eklund, Michael Ironside, Bernice Liu, Ross McMillan
Writer(s): David Hyde, Stephen Kunc

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