Stars by the Pound

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1h 28m | Comedy, Drama

Lois has always dreamed of going to space. But her surplus of weight, which she believes she inherited from her mother, prevents her from being an astronaut. Instead, she takes part in a science fair held annually in Toulouse, hoping to win first prize — a simulated weightless flight. And because she’s ready to do anything to lose her extra pounds, the teenager stops eating for some time. Found unconscious at a public swimming pool, Loïs wakes up in a specialized clinic. Her three roommates — anorexic Amélie, disabled Stannah and electrosensitive Justine  — not only help her to escape, but join her on the trip to Toulouse.

Director: Marie-Sophie Chambon
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Producer(s): Céline Chapdaniel, Diane Jassem
Cast: Laure Duchene, Angèle Metzger, Pauline Serieys, Zoé De Tarlé, Isabelle de Hertogh, Philippe Rebbot, Jonathan Lambert, Clémence Mérigot, Elise Havelange, Guillaume Verdier
Writer(s): Marie-Sophie Chambon, Anaïs Carpita

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