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Arihote (Atewenaron David Dearhouse), a Kanienkehaka Mohawk and part time war photographer, feels his life is in a rut.

Things heat up for him when he witnesses a revenge killing in Montreal by a Palestinian refugee named Wedad. Suddenly, Arihote is overwhelmed by the past as he tries to piece together the present.

In Mohawk, English and Arabic.

Director: Majdi El-Omari
Producer(s): Majdi El-Omari
Cast: Atewenaron David Dearhouse, Meissoon Azzaria, Iohahiio Curotte, Skawennati Madeleine Mantour, Tatum Ieronhienhawi McComber, Jean Pierre Lefebvre
Writer(s): Majdi El-Omari

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