Son of the Sunshine

Son of the Sunshine Movie Poster

Diagnosed at age 11 with Tourette's Syndrome, Sonny Johnns (Ryan Ward), fed up with the low-income housing world where he lives, takes the money he's saved over the years from disability payments to have an experimental procedure that promises to eradicate his symptoms.

Sonny finds himsef completely cured and begins to lead a normal life—but not without a price. His sister, Meryl, moves out and his mother, no longer the center of Sonny's life, takes a turn for the worse, becoming dependent on her despicable boyfriend and dealer. Meanwhile, Sonny discovers that the surgery has taken away his divine ability to heal the sick and the dying. Only he and Meryl were aware of his supernatural gift, because he used it in the past to save her life. Now that he no longer has the gift, he's afraid he just may need it again.

Director: Ryan Ward
Studio: Heart Shaped Pictures
Producer(s): Paul Fler
Cast: Ryan Ward, Rebecca McMahon, Shantelle Canzanese, JoAnn Nordstrom
Writer(s): Ryan Ward, Matthew Heiti
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