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On DVD: August 21, 2007

1h 48m | Drama

Warner (JR Bourne) and Claire (Caroline Cave) are a happily married couple with two kids and rewarding careers. Warner is the new director of a not-for-profit organization and Claire is employed at an art gallery. Preferring to work doing what they love, money has rarely been a primary motivator for them but recently, it seems, money is all they can talk about. In a boomtown like Calgary where everyone seems to have more than them, Warner and Claire are tired of getting by with less.

In an overheated real-estate market, they spend more than they anticipated on a house just as Warner's probationary period at work has been extended. The timing could not be worse and as pressure to keep up with family, job and financial obligations mounts, the stress begins to take its toll on Warner. But is it enough to trigger a murderous rage? When Claire is viciously attacked, Warner emerges as the prime suspect. Based on the novel by Fred Leebron.

Director: David Christensen
Studio: Seville Pictures
Producer(s): David Christensen, Jason Lee, Susan Bristow
Cast: JR Bourne, Caroline Cave, Deborah Grover, Frank Adamson, Joyce Gordon
Writer(s): David Christensen

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