Silent Retreat

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1h 25m | Horror, Thriller

Arrested for assault, a young woman named Janey (Chelsea Jenish) is sent to a silent meditation retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation. The rules are very strict. There is no talking, no phones, music, reading, writing, or even eye contact—not with the staff or the other women there.

Janey discovers that the men who run it are brainwashing women to be quiet and submissive, and resort to violence to make sure they are obedient. The only way to escape is through the woods that surround the retreat, where deadly creatures live. Janey has to decide whether the creatures or the men are to be feared the most.

Director: Tricia Lee
Studio: A Film Monkey Production
Producer(s): Tricia Lee
Cast: Chelsea Jenish, Robert Nolan, Sofia Banzhaf, Jennifer Pogue, Matthew Romantini
Writer(s): Corey Brown
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