Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic Movie Poster

Set in 1902 Peking, photographer Liu Jinglun (Xia) is hard at work preparing for the arrival of a famous opera singer. His fascination with Western novelites is condemned by his boss, Master Ren (Liu). With the arrival of Raymond Wallace (Harris), Liu's interest is renewed as Raymond introduces "Shadow Magic", the first silent movie to ever be seen in Peking.

Instantly drawn to work with Raymond and to learn all he can about the moving picture, Liu must be wary not to allow his boss, his father or his girlfriend to find out, or he will lose their respect.

Director: Ann Hu
Studio: Blackwatch Releasing
Producer(s): Ann Hu
Cast: Jared Harris, Xia Yu, Liu Pei Qi
Writer(s): Tang Louyi, Kate Raisz, Bob McAndrew, Ann Hu
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