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Grace KcKinley (Grace Chiarelli) is a brilliant 38-year-old woman with schizophrenia. When her mother dies, Grace's actions become increasingly erratic. She takes two weeks to report the death, and in that time is sent a shattering message that only she can decipher.

Grace's younger brother Dominic (Paul McGillion) is a repressed yet courageous missionary working in war-ravaged Sierra Leone. Called home to arrange his mother's funeral, he is at the same time forced to deal with Grace's uncertain future and their forgotten past. The problem is, wanted by the police for questioning, and with her life threatened, Grace has disappeared onto the streets of Vancouver, fuelled by an indomitable will to spread her secret to the masses.

Director: Pete McCormack
Producer(s): Grace Chiarelli, Paul McGillion, Pete McCormack
Cast: Grace Chiarelli, Paul McGillion, Benjamin Ratner, Jennifer Copping
Writer(s): Pete McCormack
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