Secret Things

Secret Things Movie Poster

In Paris, Sandrine and Nathalie, two beautiful middle class women, decide to use their charm and looks to advance themselves. They infiltrate a large company and little by little seduce the top male executives. Sandrine manages to get Delacroix, one of the directors, to fall madly in love with her.

Not long after, the two young women meet Christophe, the boss’s son. However, the young man, a master manipulator himself, guesses their game and uses them in order to gain complete control of his father’s business.

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Studio: Rézo Films
Producer(s): Jean-Claude Brisseau, Jean-François Geneix
Cast: Coralie Revel, Sabrina Seyvecou, Roger Mirmont, Fabrice Deville, Blandine Bury, Olivier Soler
Writer(s): Jean-Claude Brisseau

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