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Sadako vs. Kayako Trailer

1,942 Views | 1:21 | Uploaded on Jan 25, 2017

The trailer for Sadako vs. Kayako begins in a lecture hall as a prof says, "The Cursed Video is a typical urban legend of the late 90s." Two female students listen intently as the prof continues and says, "If you watch the mysterious video, a ghost will telephone you, saying that you'll die after two days."

As the trailer intensifies, the same two girls are shown in front of a TV. They remove a tape from a VCR and entertain the thought of watching it. Shortly after, we're introduced to a different girl outside an old dark and daunting mansion. She's informed by a student that "whoever enters that house dies from the curse." 

The chilling trailer rages on as we meet the iconic demons Sadako and Kayako. Sadako, who emerges from a TV, and Kayako, who creepily crawls down stairs like a spider, torment and terrorize people. The final shot depicts the two ghostly icons facing off above a well.

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