Running With Scissors

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User review rating: 0 July 11, 2010

The movie is twisted but then whose life is not at least similar in one way. I looked further than the story.I thought the acting was superb. Bening is in rare form. How can you not love Augustin? This movie would hit home with thousands upon thousands of kids who are unloved as children. Believe me,I've taught many of them.They do run with scissors!!

User review rating: 0 July 17, 2009

Dynamite comedy! 5 stars all around!!!!

User review rating: 0 March 11, 2009

i'm sitting here trying to get through this may be artsy but it certainly isn't entertaining. i'll finish this rating when the movie is over (please make that soon). ok i don't care how it ends....just utter rubbish!!!!

User review rating: 0 November 17, 2008

Loved it, book is also awesome.

User review rating: 0 September 07, 2008

This movie is GREAT.

User review rating: 0 May 10, 2007

Horrible movie... i didn't feel sorry for any of the characters... major problem with this movie.. i wanted for all of them to slit thier wrists in the first 30min of this movie... waste of time...

User review rating: 0 February 15, 2007

very good. Excellent story and very well told. And its not about insanity if thats what you thought than your just ignorant. Its about humanity. Its about society. Its about life.

User review rating: 0 November 13, 2006

Unfortunately, we left the theater a moment shy of getting a refund.

User review rating: 0 November 08, 2006

Well cast, sad story but all in all I couldn`t wait to get out of the theatre. Too long and depressing as hell - the humour was lost on me. 2/5.

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

What a GREAT movie!

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

I found it thrilling. The concept was intresting and the actors delightful. It could however of had a much better director. Worth seeing again.

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

amazing movie if u liked garden state you will love this movie

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

It`s from the makers of NIP/TUCK, so you know it`s something special!

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

If you liked BORAT you`ll love RUNNING WITH SCISSORS!!!

User review rating: 0 October 31, 2006

Fantastic....Awesome Acting. Evan Rachel Wood. Top Of Her Game. Wonderful

User review rating: 0 October 30, 2006

I don`t find insanity either entertaining or humorous. If you do, then you might enjoy this movie. To me, this movie represents self-indulgent Hollywood at it`s worst. 1 Star

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