Royal Bonbon

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1h 29m | Comedy, Drama

An unhappy man wanders the streets of Cap-Haïtien, dreaming of an imaginary kingdom in which he is King Christophe, first lord of the world, former slave and liberator of Haiti in 1804. Chased out of the city, he takes refuge in the ruins of the Château Sans Souci, accompanied by Timothée, a young boy he has taken under his wing.

The man convinces the inhabitants of a neighboring village - who have been awaiting the return of the king for two centuries - to participate in his mad scheme. In a few days, the man succeeds in restoring the hollow kingdom, which the people happily support. Before long, however, the king reveals himself to be a tyrant.

Disgusted by the change in his erstwhile protector, Timothée becomes one of the leaders of a revolt that ultimately topples the king.

Director: Charles Najman
Studio: Téléfilm Canada
Producer(s): Cyriac Auriol, Ian Boyd
Cast: Dominique Batraville, Benji , Anne-Louise Mesadieux, Erol Josué, Alain Thompson
Writer(s): Charles Najman

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