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As the school year draws to a close, Chloë’s father leaves home to work on a construction site. Left alone with her grandmother Dorine and Gemma, her taciturn mother, the teenager dreams of escaping the gloom of her fishing village to live in the city, possibly with Richard, a boy who has a crush on her. But when they receive word that her father, whom she loved dearly, has died, it changes everything. Deprived of an outlet for her grief, Chloe is entombed in silence. Meanwhile, Gemma is overwhelmed by grief at the loss of her husband and by guilt of her affair with Philip, a family friend.

Director: Pascale Ferland
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Cast: Clémence Dufresne-Deslières, Nico Lagarde, Muriel Dutil, Martin Dubreuil, Gabrielle Fontaine, Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
Writer(s): Pascale Ferland
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