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Raw - Official Trailer

9,413 Views | 1:12 | Uploaded on Jan 16, 2017

In the striking premiere trailer for Raw, a young girl (Garance Marillier) looks outside a car window as she prepares to say goodbye to her mother on her first day of college. Veterinary school proves to be overwhelming for Justine, where wider hallways, bigger classes, and less-than-friendly peers have her feeling very disengaged and alone. This soon changes as she is drawn to an attractive fellow student, her interest piquing more and more as she watches him writing in class and playing basketball with his friends. This seemingly normal college experience is further enhanced when she is suddenly snatched by a group of students for a freshman initiation. As she is lined up and covered in animal's blood, Justine is forced to eat raw meat. Being a vegetarian, her body violently rejects the foreign object. However, this traumatic experience changes the once-subdued girl, whose wildness has been drawn out. Now Justine finds herself struck with an insatiable appetite for meat — animal or otherwise.

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