Rally On! (Ralliraita)

Rally On! (Ralliraita) Movie Poster

A former top co-driver, Seppo 'Sladi' Pesonen is a bored driving school teacher and the driving force behind Team Susan, a rally team based at Pekkarinen's Garage. Life at the garage changes when Luumu, Sladi's nephew from Helsinki, is sent to the peaceful countryside.

He is crazy about cars, and with the help of Suko, the mechanic of the team, he quickly finds his place on Team Susan. Pekkarinen's garage is located on a lot owned by Torppo, a car dealer and Pekkarinen's worst enemy, and Torppo Junior intends to hike Pekkarinen's rent and force him to move right before the Rally Triathlon, an important rally event.

Sladi, however, manages to lure Torppo Junior into betting on Team Susan.

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