Rage (Ikari)

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2h 22m | Drama, Other

A man brutally murders a married couple and leaves behind the word "Ikari" (Rage) written in their blood. The killer then undergoes plastic surgery and flees. This grisly unsolved murder links three seemingly unrelated stories in three different Japanese cities — Yohei Maki (Ken Watanabe), who begins to suspect that his daughter's boyfriend might be the killer; Yuma Fujita (Satoshi Tsumabuki), who suspects his partner Naoto Onishi (Gou Ayano) as the killer; Izumi Komiya (Suzu Hirose), who meets backpacker Shingo Tanaka (Mirai Moriyama), who asks Izumi to not to tell others about him.

Director: Sang-il Lee
Studio: Toho Pictures
Producer(s): Genki Kawamura, Shinnosuke Usui
Cast: Ken Watanabe, Aoi Miyazaki, Mirai Moriyama, Kenichi Matsuyama, Go Ayano, Suzu Hirose, Satoshi Tsumabuki
Writer(s): Sang-il Lee

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