Quasimodo Del Paris

Quasimodo Del Paris Movie Poster

This comedy takes place in El Paris. Quasimodo is hunchbacked, bald and deaf. He takes a size 47 in shoes and is contented. However, 20 years ago, his parents, finding him too ugly, entrusted him to the fundamentalist arch-deacon of the town, Frollo and had him replaced by a Cuban girl, Esméralda.

Now terror reigns in El Paris: a serial killer is lurking and 18 women have been killed. The head of police, Phoebus, erotomaniac and incompetent, leads the investigation in his beautiful, shiny 4-wheel drive. Quasimodo is the prime suspect although he is innocent. As Frollo seeks the truth, Esméralda wishes to compensate Quasimodo, and Quasimodo only wants to ring the bells on time.
Director: Patrick Timsit
Studio: M6 Films
Cast: Patrick Timsit, Richard Berry, Vincent Elbaz, Mélanie Thierry, Axelle Abbadie
Writer(s): Jean-François Halin, Raffy Shart

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