Pool of Princesses (Prinzessinnenbad)

Pool of Princesses (Prinzessinnenbad) Movie Poster

Three troubled teenage girls are at the center of this 2007 documentary from German filmmaker Bettina Bl├╝mner. Klara, Mina and Tanutscha are all fifteen, and each has her own set of problems. Klara has had run-ins with the law and consorts with men far too old for her.

Mina, on the other hand, is in a committed relationship, but is withrdrawing from all other aspects of her life to spend more time with her boyfriend. Finally, Tanutscha is an angst-ridden girl whose growing-pains are worsened by familial pressure.

Known as Prinzessinnenbad in its native Germany, Pool of Princesses premiered at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival.

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