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1h 25m | Action, Horror

A family must survive as a murderous beast living in the walls and pipes of their new home drags in all who get too close.

Director: Emily Aguilar
Producer(s): Faith DeVeaux, Katherine Smith, Lee Seongjin
Cast: Madeleine Murphy, Ashna Sharan, Jason Cook, Justin Sisk, Marc Goodman, Ashley Ballard, Elizabeth Cascarelli, Mikayla Kelley, Cristian Linares, Desiree Martin, Keaton Ray, Shannon Scully, Seo Guk, Lee Soohyuk, Bae Da-bin, Eum Suk, Tae Hang-ho, Yoo Seung-mok, Kim Yeon-gyo
Writer(s): Emily Aguilar
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