Paid in Full

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On DVD: April 8, 2003

R | Drama

Set in Harlem in the mid '80s, Ace longingly covets the expensive cars and flashy clothes of his friends, Mitch and Calvin. But with a chance encounter, Ace's world is about to dramatically change.

On a routine laundry drop-off, Ace meets Lulu, whose apartment and elaborate jewelry hint at a life of luxury. Ace is quickly lured into the seductive world of drug dealing, where the easy money affords him a position of power in the illicit underworld. But as his friends and family become pawns and victims, Ace realizes that he must pay a high price for his growing success.

Director: Charles Stone III
Studio: Dimension Films
Producer(s): Brett Ratner, Damon Dash, Jay-Z , Lisa Niedenthal, Ron Rotholz
Cast: Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, Chi McBride
Writer(s): Matthew Cirulnick, Thulani Davis

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