Ocean Tribe

Ocean Tribe Movie Poster

In this road movie that mixes comedy and drama, Bob (Vaughn Roberts), once an avid surfer, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and while he's only 25, his doctors don't give him long to live.

Four of Bob's surf buddies learn of his condition: Schwartz (Robert Caso) is a doctor who doesn't have much respect for the medical establishment, Noah (Gregg Rainwater) is dealing with the new responsibilities of oncoming fatherhood, Lance (Mark Matheisen) is still chasing his dream of an acting career, and Jeb (Troy Fazio) has just gotten out of jail after the latest in a series of arrests related to his drug addiction.

Schwartz, Noah, Lance, and Jeb get their hands on an old station wagon and liberate Bob from the hospital in a bid to show their friend one last good time as they head for Mexico to ride the waves. Along the way, Bob and his friends confront some emotional issues that they've never resolved and try to ease their fears of death and adulthood.

Ocean Tribe was the first feature film for writer and director Will Geiger.

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