Not Of This World

Not Of This World Movie Poster

When a single mother has a child she feels she cannot take care of, she leaves it in a dumpster. The child is discovered by a nun, Caterina (Buy), who takes it to the hospital and visits it every day. Now on a quest to find the child's mother, Caterina is led to the owner of a local cleaners. The owner, Ernesto (Orlando), had an affair with one of his workers nine months ago and believes the child is his. He decides to join Caterina on her quest to find the mother.

Director: Giuseppe Piccioni
Studio: Entertech Releasing Corporation
Producer(s): Lionello Cerri
Cast: Margherita Buy, Silvio Orlando, Carolina Freschi
Writer(s): Giuseppe Piccioni, Lucia Maria Zei, Gualtiero Rosella

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