Nonna's Trip (El viaje de la nonna)

Nonna's Trip (El viaje de la nonna) Movie Poster

Mexican helmer Sebastian Silva's Spanish-language feature Nonna's Trip marks one of the few recent dramas to tackle, head-on, the complications wrought by the mnemonic loss attached to senility. Ana Ofelia Murguia stars as Nonna, the grandmother of the title, whose hold on the past is rapidly slipping away from her.

During her last days of cognizance, she reaches out for one last, desperate hold on the golden memories that she cherishes: a trip to Italy, and a visit to her late husband's place-of-birth on that peninsula.

Together with the members of her immediate family, the Todaros, Nonna indeed embarks on such a voyage, in search of relics from the past - a journey replete with joyous, occasionally surprising discoveries and radiant with the bonds of togetherness, as the elderly woman's self-awareness lingers tentatively.

Director: Sebastián Silva

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