Nói (Nói Albinói)

Nói (Nói Albinói) Movie Poster
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1h 33m | Comedy

Is he the village idiot or a genius in disguise? Seventeen-year-old Nói drifts through life on a remote fjord in the north of Iceland.

In winter, the fjord is cut off from the outside world, surrounded by ominous mountains and buried under a shroud of snow. Nói dreams of escaping from this white-walled prison with Iris, a city girl who works in a local gas station. But his clumsy attempts at escape spiral out of control and end in complete failure.

Only a natural disaster will shatter Nói's universe and offer him a better world.

Director: Dagur Kári
Studio: Palm Pictures
Producer(s): Kim Magnusson, Philipe Bober, Skúli Fr. Malmquist, Thorir Snaer Sigurjónsson
Cast: Tómas Lemarquis, Thröstur Leó Gunnarsson, Elin Hansdóttir, Anna Fridriksdóttir, Hjalti Rögnvaldsson, Pétur Einarsson, Kjartan Bjargmundsson, Greipur Gislason
Writer(s): Dagur Kári
Official Site: www.noi-themovie.com

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