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User review rating: 3 March 23, 2022

While we realise it's hard for any nation to examine the ghosts of it's past, we also believe it to be necessary. It's what art does so very well. An attempt to try and bring sense to the senseless. Yes, we should have films that celebrate Australia, it's sporting triumphs, it's natural beauty, it's good-natured humour. But we should not shy away from the uncomfortable if there's some good that can come from it and we're not merely referring to our history of colonisation but our contemporary history as well. Currently we feel western society is in a war with it's self, where senseless random acts of violence are being carried out daily. Our intention is not to give exposure to the perpetrator but the issue. Art gives us the tools to confront the darkest of events. As a form of artistic expression, the film has the ability and, we believe, a responsibility to facilitate thought-provoking, productive and responsible dialogue and, in some cases, action around the issues that matter to us as a nation and world, so that we always strive to protect and preserve the things we cherish as a civil society. At it's core, "Nitram" exists for this purpose. (By Gregory Mann)

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