Nickel and Dime

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1h 43m | Comedy

When 50-something Jacques gets out of prison, he goes to meet his hoodlum buddies at a bistro called "Chez Roger." Among them are his friend Francis who, at 40, still lives with his mother and Didier, a small-time crook and compulsive gambler in his thirties. The two men want Jacques to join them in a heist.

But the ex-convict refuses to take part in it, having decided to turn his life around and never return to prison. However, Marcel, a career criminal, puts pressure on Jacques to take part in another crime, one involving jewels -- a project that also gets the interest of Francis and Didier.

Director: Sam Karmann
Studio: TVA Films
Producer(s): Christian Bérard, Jean-Philippe Andraca
Cast: Gérard Lanvin, Jacques Gamblin, Clovis Cornillac, Julie Durand, Liliane Rovère, Philippe Nahon, Étienne Chicot, Florence Pernel
Writer(s): Françoise Thouvenot
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