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2.82 / 5

User rating: 2.82

Based on 40 votes and 15 reviews

  • User rating: 2.82 14.29%
  • User rating: 2.82 10.71%
  • User rating: 2.82 35.71%
  • User rating: 2.82 21.43%
  • User rating: 2.82 17.86%

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User review rating: 5 March 21, 2011


User review rating: 1 February 26, 2011

stupid movie

User review rating: 3 December 22, 2010

Typical Wes Craven fare. Teens will like this.

User review rating: 3 December 08, 2010

not my kind of movie

User review rating: 4 November 18, 2010

I thought it was good.

User review rating: 2 November 12, 2010

it was quite boring it lost my interest for we craven i expect a lot more,sorry this was not good,the start was the best then it got worse

User review rating: 3 November 04, 2010

This movie had its moments. Suspensful, a few jumps in the seat, a good ending. The 3D was good with this moview also.

User review rating: 1 October 17, 2010

Initially, the Opening Scene was very good. However, what began as an intriguing thriller by master horror director Wes Craven, turned into a senseless, boring, hateful movie about teens. Lots of boring talk, horrible performances and I didn't have a clue what was going on!! Terrible; don't waste ur money; Why was this movie in 3D!?! The 3D SUCKEDDDDDDDD!

User review rating: 5 October 13, 2010

Love it

User review rating: 1 October 12, 2010

This is a huge disappointment from master horror schlockmeister,Wes Craven. It's a pity because I really enjoyed the recent Drag Me To Hell.The only shock here is why the movie was released to theatres at all. Too bad,Wes. Back to the cutting board.

User review rating: 3 October 12, 2010

If this movie would have been made by a director who just came out of school i would say it's a very good movie. Unfortunately this was made by Wes Craven who has given us the best horror movies of the last 3 decades. The beginning of the movie showed promise but after the initial 15-20 minutes what we get is a basic teen slasher flick with no soul and nothing new. I left very disapointed and the 3-D effects could have been used better to scare us. I give it a 3 for the cinematography, directing and the overall good acting performances but the script was too ordinary to give it more.

User review rating: 0 October 10, 2010

BOO don't go save your money for a pizza nite in

User review rating: 1 October 10, 2010

OMG 1.5 hours of my life I'll never get back...the worst film I've ever seen woundering what Wes was on when he thought this one up!! To bad I can't give it a minus rating don't waste your $

User review rating: 3 October 09, 2010

Not very scary, thought it would be alot better. I expected a better movie from Wes Craven.

User review rating: 4 October 08, 2010

pretty good

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