Mausoleum Movie Poster

In this modest but well-wrought occult horror film, Susan Farrell (Bobbie Bresee) innocently visits her family's mausoleum at the age of 10, and, due to an ancient curse on the first-born in her family, is possessed by a blood-thirsty demon.

The demon does not manifest until two decades later, when Susan begins to dispatch one victim after another -- from the gardener to the delivery boy.

The maid Elsie (La Wanda Page) has some well-placed, down-to-earth comments on the weird and murderous ambience, and fortunately a good friend is a trained psychologist who, odd as it may seem, knows about demons, perhaps through a grad-level seminar.

Since this film is not as graphically violent as many other '80s and '90s horror flicks, audiences hooked on unremitting gore will have to look elsewhere.

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