Marcello Marcello

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Comedy, Romance

As directed and co-written by Denis Rabaglia, this deeply whimsical coming-of-age tale unfurls in Italy, circa 1956, on the picturesque island of Amatrello.

In this locale, a most unusual custom has emerged - one where each father determines his daughter's premier romantic liaison by soliciting elaborate presents from local suitors and picking the most impressive one. A local boy named Marcello scoffs at this notion until he lays eyes on Elena, bewitching daughter of the mayor of Amatrello - and realizes that his only chance of winning her heart lies in offering the Mayor the most impressive gift imaginable - a neighbor's pet rooster that will wake the Mayor, regularly, every morning.

Unfortunately, to lay claim to this prized bird, Marcello must barter with nearly everyone in the village, and it seems that each resident has a different request.

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