Making Plans for Lena (Non ma fille, tu n'iras pas danser)

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Release Date: August 20, 2010 (limited)

Comedy, Drama

As soon as she gets to the Gare Montparnasse, things start to go wrong for Lena: she loses her son Anton and just misses her train. In her bag, the baby magpie that her daughter Augustine wanted to save is slowly dying.

On arriving in Brittany, she discovers that her parents and sister are plotting together for her good and have summoned her ex-husband, Nigel. She feels betrayed, humiliated and disgusted. Should she leave or stay? Send everything packing? Her limited self-confidence begins to evaporate.

The ghosts of duty, social judgement and family order band together to prevent her from living, loving and thinking, from simply being herself.

Director: Christophe Honoré

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