Machine Gun Molly

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The oldest daughter of an impoverished Montreal family, Monique Sparvieri (Céline Bonnier) vows to find a way to get out of the ghetto in which she lives. Abandoned by Michael, the love of her life, Monique finds herself alone again when her second husband, Gaston (Patrick Huard), is sentenced to ten months in prison.

While many other women her age are still dreaming of Prince Charming, Monique takes her own destiny in her hands. She and her new love, Gerald Simard, plan a series of bank robberies.

Intoxicated by passion and success, Monique isn't afraid of anything and she wants to make sure that her children don't experience the same miserable upbringing as she did.

Director: Pierre Houle
Studio: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
Producer(s): Lorraine Richard, Luc Martineau
Cast: Céline Bonnier, Roy Dupuis, Patrick Huard, Isabelle Blais, Frank Schorpion, Marc Labrèche, Rémy Girard, Mario Jean
Writer(s): Luc Dionne, Sylvain Guy
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