Lucky Miles

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Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama

A pair of refugees trying to escape into Australia learn the hard way that being an illegal alien isn't as simple as it seems in this comedy.

Youssif (Rodney Afif) is a former engineer from Iraq and Arun (Kenneth Moraleda) is a Cambodian exile looking for his father who both find themselves on a ship from Indonesia, trying to make illegal passage into Australia.

While the ship's captain promised to drop his passengers off on the coast near Perth, his sense of direction proves to be faulty and Youssif and Arun are forced to jump ship nearly fifteen hundred miles in the wrong direction, leading them into the Aussie outback.

As Youssif and Arun try to make their way into Perth, where Arun believes his father may be living, they happen upon Ramelan (Srisacd Sacdpraseuth), a deck hand from another Indonesian vessel which sank, stranding him in the outback and separating him from his shipmates Muluk (Sawung Jabo) and Abdu (Arif Hidayat).

Ramelan ends up traveling with Youssif and Arun, and before long they run afoul of Australia's immigration force, a band of lackadaisical Army reservists led by the hapless O'Shane (Glenn Shea), who might be dangerous if he were the least bit competent. Lucky Miles was the first feature film from writer and director Michael James Rowland.

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