Lola And Billy The Kid

Lola And Billy The Kid Movie Poster

Murat is a 17-year-old who is slowly discovering his homosexuality. Meanwhile, his elder brother, Osman, who is keen on getting Murat to lose his virginity, doesn't know about his newly discovered sexuality. Murat runs away to avoid his brother's pressure, and meets Lola and her man, Billy the Kid. Through their interaction, Murat finds out something far worse than anyone could possibly have expected about himself, Lola and his family.

Director: E. Kutlug Ataman
Studio: Good Machine International
Producer(s): Marin Wiebel, Martin Hagemann, Zeynep Ă–zbatur
Cast: Gandi Mukli, Baki Davrak, Erdal Yildiz
Writer(s): E. Kutlug Ataman
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