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In Theaters: October 10, 1997

May 24, 2024 (limited)

1h 32m | Drama

Love, jealousy, revenge and forbidden homosexual passion color this alternately campy and dramatic adaptation of a play by Michel Marc Bouchard. Operating at different levels, the story begins in 1952 inside a Quebec prison chapel where hard-core convict Simon Doucet offers confession to Bishop Bilodeau who has come especially to see him.

But no sooner does the Bishop enter the confessional than he is locked in by other inmates and forced to watch them enact gay love scenes from the play The Death of San Sebastian. The story moves backwards to 1912 when Bilodeau and Simon were lusty young boys. Their affair falls apart when Simon takes up with Vallier.

This angers Bilodeau who does something terrible in retaliation. Meanwhile, back in the present, Simon attempts to force Bilodeau into owning up to his actions. In keeping with the film's gay themes, all roles, male and female, are portrayed by men.

Director: John Greyson
Producer(s): Arnie Gelbart, Anna Stratton, Robin Cass, Anna Stratton
Cast: Gary Farmer, Brent Carver, Rémy Girard, Danny Gilmore, Marcel Sabourin, Robert Lalonde, Aubert Pallascio, Pierre Leblanc
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