Les plus beaux yeux du monde

Les plus beaux yeux du monde Movie Poster

Unable to continue her role as wife and mother, Marion abruptly leaves Antoine, her husband, and their two daughters, Carla and Agathe. It's not the first time the young woman has escaped—at 17, she left France, her family and her career as a circus ballerina to establish herself in Quebec.

Through her job as a waitress in a restaurant, Marion is plunged into childhood memories of her trapeze artist mother. Then, without warning, she leaves on a journey, causing Antoine great concern.

Director: Charlotte Laurier, Pascal Courchesne
Studio: Les Films Vespera
Producer(s): Charlotte Laurier, Pascal Courchesne
Cast: Charlotte Laurier, Patrice Savard, Carlotta Laurier-Courchesne, Amit Das, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Stella Courchesne-Laurier, Angela Laurier
Writer(s): Charlotte Laurier

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