Les Boys

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With the tagline of, "Rien au monde ne leur ferait manquer leur rendez-vous hebdomadaire" you've got to know at least one thing about this film ... that's right, it's French.

The most popular comedy ever shot in Quebec, it concerns our national pastime -- hockey -- and the men behind the masks who play the game for fun.

It's a lighthearted comedy that looks at every male stereotype ever perpetrated on the extra digit species as an amateur hockey team lays it all on the line, on the ice, in the dressing room and at the beer parlor.
Director: Louis Sa‹a
Cast: Marc Messier, Rémy Girard, Patrick Huard, Serge Thériault, Michel Barrette, Paul Houde, Luc Gu‚rin, Yvan Ponton, Roc Lafortune, Michel Charette, Patrick Labbé, Dominic Philie, Sylvain Giguère, Pierre Lebeau, Maxim Roy
Writer(s): Christian Fournier, Louis Sa‹a
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