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1h 25m | Documentary

Hélène Nicolas is diagnosed with severe autism at birth in 1985. In 1999, due to her lack of progress, her mother, Véronique Truffert, removes her from the specialized institution where she was placed and takes charge of her development.

After several years of love, stimulation exercises and outdoor activities, Véronique discovers that her daughter, although unable to speak and write, understands and recognizes words. Gradually, she teaches her how to communicate her thoughts by composing aphorisms and sentences, using plastic cardboard letters affixed to paper.

Since then, under the name Babouillec sp (for "speechless"), Hélène has written several collections of poems, including "Algorithm eponym" (2013). While following Hélène daily, director Julie Bertuccelli films the creation of a play adapted to her lyrics, initiated by director Pierre Meunier.

Director: Julie Bertuccelli
Producer(s): Laetitia Gonzalez, Yael Fogiel

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