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Land of Mine - Official Trailer

3,285 Views | 2:02 | Uploaded on Feb 15, 2017

In the official trailer for Land of Mine we see Danish army sergeant Rasmussen (Roland Møller) laying black flags on a beach to mark the area where 45,000 live mines were buried by the occupying Nazi army during WWII. Rasmussen is joined by a group of 14 young German POWs who have been tasked with removing each and every mine laid by their predecessors.

Suffering mistreatment and neglect, the boys are told they are not welcomed by the Danish people. With only the hope of going home after the job is done to keep them going, the boys are depending on the growing sympathy and understanding of their new commander, Sergeant Rasmussen, to convince the other Danish soldiers that they too are victims in the war. Rasmussen continues to secretly support the young men and insist they remember they will go home – alive. 

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